Friday, October 14, 2011

VW Jetta Inner CV Boot replacement

CV Joint Boot!

I've posted a couple of other things that i've taken from different websites but its usually because i am doing the same thing on my car. Like this weekend i am replacing the inner cv joint boot and i found this post really helpfull, after this weekend i'll tell you how it went.

One thing to keep in mind, some times the base of the cv joint that screws into the thing that makes the wheels go round is squared, and also the rubber boot has the big end squared as well. The common cv joint boots that you buy in the auto parts for replacement are round. Quick tip if the square part of the cv joint boot your are taking off is still intact, you know the part where the clamp goes over and ties it down, just cut it and run the new boot over that part of the old boot and clamp it righ there.
Or you can just call the dealer and see how much the original is worth, if you have canged your cv joints to after market and they are not OE, you dont have to worry i think they come whith the round boot end, so the auto part boot would work just fine.

VW Jetta 1.8t Maintance Schedule

2002 VW Jetta GLS 1.8T
Maintance Schedule

Friday, October 7, 2011

VW Codes for Engine Check Light and others

These may seem like a lot of codes but they are very useful. If you have a scanning tool from Advance Auto Parts or something. These tools some times don't tell you what the code means they just show you the code. So, here you just Ctrl + F type in your code and see what it means.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My VW Jetta Maintance

Maintance Due.
I'm changing the brakes, because the front driverside pads and rotor is making a weird sound when the wheel is rotating in low speeds. In addition when you brake at high speeds the steering wheel starts to wobble a little bit. So i decided to change all the rotors and brake pads, just in case!
I'm also doing the schedule 5000 mile oil change maintance. I bough all this from advance auto parts and the volkswagen dealer that i've done service at previously. You could actually buy the Castrol 5w-40 cheaper at the dealer. $7.43 VWD vs $8.45 AAP. You would have to check with the closes VW dealer near you.
I bought all the advance auto parts pieces online and i used online coupon codes, i saved like $50.

Removing The Shift Knob VW MK4 Tiptronic

Im thinking of removing my Shifter knob so i found this very helpfull article, Hope it answers some questions for you too.