Sunday, July 10, 2011

Save Money On Car Parts

Save money.

Almost every auto parts store has a website where you can find the part you are looking for. Now if you know a little about cars, you can find the part by name very easely. If you don't you can call your local auto part store and ask them for help. Now, by creating an account on this sites it allows you to buy from the confort of your own home and get the parts delivered or pick them up at your local parts store.Oh, did i mentioned that you can create your accout for free. Well now you know.
Now that you have done all this, well how do you save money. Well what these websites allow you to do is enter coupon codes that you can find in coupon code sites and just copy and paste them. Now, don't kid yourself not everything is dicounted like motor oil, unless they have a promotion going on like buy five qts and get one free plus an oil filter.
I guess the main thing i want to convey is that you can save money by doing your reasearch and be willing to think and calculate things before you buy.
I personally use advance auto parts as my main supplier when my car needs oil, brake pads, shock, air filters etc, and by doing my shopping online i can add a couple of codes to lower the bill.
Now, i am a guy and i have to admit, the concept of using COUPONS didn't really fit me, or at least i thought it didn't until i bought a couple of parts using coupon codes on adavance auto parts. The money i saved helped convinced me, i am a college student so it helps to have a little change on my pocket.

This are some of the sites you can use.

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