Monday, October 3, 2011

My VW Jetta Maintance

Maintance Due.
I'm changing the brakes, because the front driverside pads and rotor is making a weird sound when the wheel is rotating in low speeds. In addition when you brake at high speeds the steering wheel starts to wobble a little bit. So i decided to change all the rotors and brake pads, just in case!
I'm also doing the schedule 5000 mile oil change maintance. I bough all this from advance auto parts and the volkswagen dealer that i've done service at previously. You could actually buy the Castrol 5w-40 cheaper at the dealer. $7.43 VWD vs $8.45 AAP. You would have to check with the closes VW dealer near you.
I bought all the advance auto parts pieces online and i used online coupon codes, i saved like $50.

How much you think it all came out too $$$$$$?
2 Wearever Front Rotors (AAP)
2 Wearever Rear Rotors (AAP)
1 Wearever Gold Front Brake Pads (4) (AAP)
1 Friction Master Ceramic Rear Brake Pads (4) (AAP)
1 K&N Oil Filter (AAP)
6 5W-40 Syntethic Motor Oil (VWD)
1 CV Joint Boot
(AAP) Advance Auto Parts = $149.72
(VWD) Volkswagen Dealer - Parts = $47.70
197.42 All Taxes Included

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